President & Ceo

C.D. Glin is the President and CEO of the U.S. African Development Foundation, a U.S. government agency dedicated to supporting African-led, African-driven development solutions via catalytic financial investments in and local technical assistance to African grassroots communities and local enterprises. Prior to joining USADF, from 2011-2016 Glin was based in Nairobi, Kenya as the Associate Director for Africa for the Rockefeller Foundation, and previously served as a White House appointee at the U.S. Peace Corps as the first Director of Intergovernmental Affairs and Global Partnerships.

Glin was Vice President for Business Development at PYXERA Global where he managed international business advisory and corporate responsibility programs for Fortune500 companies and earlier consulted for the State Department, USAID and the World Bank while living in Ghana and Nigeria. He served as volunteer in the first Peace Corps South Africa group during the Presidency of Nelson Mandela. Glin holds a B.A. in Political Science from Howard University; a Master’s Certificate in Business Management from Tulane University and Postgraduate Diploma in Strategy and Innovation from Oxford University's Saïd Business School. He was a term member of the Council on Foreign Relations and in 2011, was designated by the White House as a “Champion of Change” for his commitment and contributions to international service and civic participation.

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kim ward
Managing director, programs

Kim Ward has led project development and implementation at the U.S. African Development Foundation for over 20 years. As Regional Director with the United States African Development Foundation (USADF). He is responsible for USADF programs in Kenya, Malawi, Somalia, Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe. He has worked with 12 different USADF country programs, developing, funding and monitoring of over 500 community and small enterprise development grants. Kim has facilitated USADF strategic partnership agreements with host governments in Botswana, Namibia, and Malawi – where USADF leverages host government funding to expand its reach to the most vulnerable and underserved populations in-country.

 Mr. Ward has worked with development programs in Africa for more than 30 years. He has lived and worked in six different African countries for 14 years. Prior to joining USADF, Kim Ward served as the Country Director of the United States Peace Corps programs in Namibia and Lesotho. Mr. Ward was the first resident Country Director in Namibia, helping to open the new Peace Corps program less than one year after Namibia gained independence. While with the Peace Corps, Mr. Ward assisted with the negotiation of the bilateral Country Protocol Agreement that led to the opening of a new Peace Corps program in Zimbabwe and he drafted that program’s first five-year country strategy.



Mathieu Zahui, CGFM, joined USADF in 2010 and is currently serving as Acting Director of Finance and Administration. Prior to joining USADF, Zahui has worked for Veterans Administration as a Budget Analyst for 5 years.  He serves as a Logistics/Combat Support Chief as a US Marine for 10 years.  At the completion of his military services, he taught at Palomar Community College, San Marcos, CA as an Adjunct for Economics for 8 years.  Zahui has been an active member of Association of Government Accountant (AGA), Institute of Management Accountant (IMA), and American Association for Budget and Program Analysis (AABPA).




David blaine
director of knowledge, learning and dissemination

With over thirty years of public and private sector experience, that include teaching high school in Africa, 12 years with GE, five years with a technology start-up, and 11 years with USADF. David has been a Performance Management Specialist to four USADF Presidents and is responsible for many improvements to program and operational support processes. He has a passion for change management through fact based analysis and performance reporting. He is currently working part-time as the Director of KLD overseeing the rollout of a new M&E Framework, a three country Impact Evaluation, external reporting, authoring the CBJ and OMB budget documents, and provides daily support for the GMS platform. David has a BSME degree from Virginia Tech and a MBA from Maryland.


paul olson
regional director - FRANCOPHONE region

Paul Olson has lead project development and implementation at the U.S. African Development Foundation for over 25 years. As Regional Manager/Portfolio Manager in Southern Africa, Central Africa, and now West Africa, Paul is a development and agriculture specialist with keen proficiency in the management of food systems.

Prior to his service as USADF, he served as Associate Director for Rural Development and Country Director in the Central African Republic; and as the Director of the Africa Food Systems program initiative from 1982 – 1990. Additionally Paul served as a Peace Corps inland fisheries volunteer and agriculture/rural development trainer/program advisor in Cameroon and Gabon from 1975-1982.


tom coogan
regional director - ANGLOphone region

Tom Coogan has lead project development and implementation at the U.S. African Development Foundation for over 15 years. Currently, Tom serves as the USADF Power Africa & Region III Director (which includes Nigeria, Zambia and South Sudan). As the Director of USADF’s Power Africa portfolio, Tom oversees USADF’s Off-Grid Energy and Entrepreneurship programming in the nine USADF Power Africa countries. Tom helped establish USADF’s Power Africa program, which to date has awarded over 75 grants to off grid energy enterprises.  These $100,000 grants or seed capital are partnered with technical assistance to support enterprising African energy entrepreneurs and businesses provide almost immediate energy access and/or efficiencies via off-grid technologies. To date, USADF’s Power Africa Off-Grid Energy Challenge continues to successfully couple innovation and ingenuity by partnering by investing in Africa’s greatest resource – it’s people. 

Tom Coogan was born and raised in Peoria, Illinois. A graduate of the University of Notre Dame and the Yale School of Management; he has extensive experience in the private and not for profit sectors, including as Vice President of Finance at Rite Aid Corporation and as head of Finance and Administration at Ten Thousand Villages, a fair trade organization. He also served in the Peace Corps as a small business advisor in The Gambia, West Africa. 



For over a decade, Ellen Teel has served as USADF’s Senior Internal Auditor, responsible for all aspects of the foundation’s financial audit program to include developing audit guidelines, budgeting, planning and reporting, coordinating, overseeing and performing audits. Attend entrance and exit conferences, providing local audit firms guidelines, and guidance on USADF policies, U.S. Government Auditing Standards (GAGAS), authorize finalizing report for grant, Partner and CPC Office audits. Ellen leads USADF’s relationship with the USAID Inspector General, and manages all perform reviews, inspections and investigations as requested internally and/or by the USADF Board’s Audit Committee. 


solomon chi
director of information technology

Originally from Cameroon, Solomon Chi is USADF’s Director of Information Technology for over a decade. With over 25 years of experience in the computer information technology in both the private and public sectors, Solomon leads USADF’s information technology and network management, systems development, and cybersecurity agenda for the DC and Africa field offices. certifications in the practice areas of security, storage and networking. Prior to joining USADF, Solomon led network development and design at the District of Columbia’s Public Defender Service and Superior Courts and AT&T.