ADF: Commitments in Action

ADF has committed $53.5 million into 325 grants.  These grants range from core agriculture sustainability and market programs to our special initiative work with the Young African Leaders Initiative and Power Africa.


ADF expects to generate new economic growth of $140 million across the African continent, impacting nearly 1.5 million Africans with a sustainability factor of over 80%.

In January 2016 ADF will announce its 50th African Energy Entrepreneur. The Off-Grid Energy Challenge grants $100,000 for African entrepreneurs to invest in reliable, innovative forms of off-grid energy – particularly reaching the vulnerable communities which ADF is proud to serve. 

 Numbers Matter

The African Development Foundation (ADF) prides itself on being lean in Washington, and direct in funding to our partners and projects, resulting in low overhead in project execution. Our direct funding approach and disciplined auditing is part of why ADF ranked #2 on 'most effective' foreign assistance agency list sponsored by

In 2015 ADF:

  • Awarded 160 new project grants in 30 countries
  • Invested $15.4 million to build the capacity of local partners and expand economic activity
  • Will generate nearly $40 million in new economic activity and support 50,000 jobs
  • Will award 50 small grants in coordination with the U.S. Ambassador's Self-Help Fund