U.S. African Development Foundation Grantee Addresses EnergyNet Conference

Ifeanyi Orajaka, CEO of Green Village Energy (GVE) Projects

Ifeanyi Orajaka, CEO of Green Village Energy (GVE) Projects

Washington, D.C. – March 9, 2017 – On Thursday, March 9, 2017 Ifeanyi Orajaka, CEO of Green Village Energy (GVE) Projects Limited and a grant recipient of the U.S. African Development Foundation (USADF), delivered a keynote address at the EnergyNet Summit in Washington, D.C. The Summit was attended by government and private sector representatives from the United States, Nigeria, Uganda, South Africa, as well as several other sub-Saharan African countries. “The opportunity to address the Summit as a keynote speaker to share GVE’s work was unimaginable,” says Orajaka.

GVE Projects was one of the inaugural winners of the USADF Off-Grid Energy Challenge in 2013. The USADF Off-Grid Energy Challenge is a public-private partnership to find and fund energy entrepreneurs who are connecting rural communities to reliable sources of power. Since 2013, USADF has funded over 70 entrepreneurs in nine countries, and has invested over $7.5 million in these enterprises.

GVE Projects provides solar-powered mini-grids to rural communities in Nigeria isolated from the national grid. With a $100,000 USADF grant, GVE expanded the mini-grid system to provide electricity to nearly 150 homes in the community. With follow-on funding, GVE is now powering over 2,000 households throughout Nigeria.

Thanks to USADF’s catalytic seed capital, GVE was able to test, scale and expand operations for its solar mini-grid systems.

Following this success, GVE began discussions with Nigeria’s Bank of Industry (BOI) to replicate their USADF-funded mini grid services to reach six communities in 2017. BOI will invest an additional 1.2 million in the project.

Although Nigeria’s electrification rate is approximately 57%, the population experiences numerous power outages and blackouts. GVE’s ability to deliver uninterrupted electricity in rural communities distinguishes them as innovators and leaders in the industry. Orajaka has set an ambitious target of expanding GVE operations to reach 2% of the Nigerian population through mini-grid electricity generation by 2025.

For more information about the USADF Off-Grid Energy Challenge, visit our webpage. To download a copy of the press release, click here.